Think outside the lunchbox!

ChopChop offers a variety of custom publishing programs for school districts, community organizations, sponsoring companies, and government agencies. Programs range from branding issues with your organization’s logo to newsletters featuring local agriculture and messaging. Custom ChopChop is an innovative way to inspire healthy cooking and eating, and a great way to associate your organization with healthy messaging.

Who Loves Us

“Deval Patrick Joins Michelle Obama in Targeting Obesity Epidemic”
First lady Michelle Obama isn’t the only political figure worried about the nation’s obesity problem. Governor Deval Patrick, a friend of the first lady and President Obama, today launched ChopChop. It’s a free monthly newsletter published in partnership with ChopChop Magazine.The aim is to provide Massachusetts families with healthy and easy-to-make recipes that use local produce, to boot. “We’re committed to finding new ways to fight obesity and reduce chronic disease in Massachusetts,” Patrick said in a statement. “This new effort is a way to bring parents and children together in the kitchen to create healthy, nutritious meals while spending time together as a family. - The Boston Globe, December 20, 2011



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