A letter from Barry Zuckerman, MD | ChopChop

Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health at Boston University School of Medicine and Chief of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center.

I am delighted that you are considering the distribution of ChopChop Magazine to families you care for. Once the magazine arrives in your office, I'd like to suggest a best practice for engaging your patients. As part of your routine visit, after you encourage children and their parents to eat healthfully, we suggest you give the magazine directly to children. Tell them ChopChop is filled with fun recipes that they can cook together with their parents. Stressing the "fun" aspect of cooking as well as the “together” aspect is critical to reaching young minds, as I’m sure you know well.

I hope you find ChopChop magazine useful in your practice and that it furthers everyone’s goal—namely to guide families toward a healthier diet and to encourage the practice of cooking and eating together.

Barry Zuckerman, MD


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