ChopChop for Doctors


Teaching Good Health for a Lifetime

A letter from Barry Zuckerman, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health at Boston University School of Medicine and Chief of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center.

ChopChop is a quarterly cooking magazine and website for kids and their families. The print edition is given out by doctors to children and their parents as part of pediatric visits to promote healthy eating and cooking together, and I’d like to suggest that your practice or organization do the same.

My job as a pediatrician is to help parents keep their children healthy. Sometimes we offer medicine and sometimes we offer advice. I worry about children’s exposure to unhealthy food on television, the large portions and fat-laden foods in fast-food restaurants, and advertisements for sweets and other foods made of empty calories.

Here, at last, is a way to engage children and their parents in learning positive health habits that will last a lifetime. Rather than just dispensing advice, ChopChop offers recipes for foods that not only taste great but have high nutritional value. Helping to disseminate this publication is a powerful way to fight back against the onslaught of negative marketing that is contributing to our nation’s obesity problem.

Won’t you join the thousands of pediatricians who have already ordered bulk copies of ChopChop to distribute through their practices? To learn more about using ChopChop in your practice, click here.

Barry Zuckerman, MD

Receive (1) complimentary box of ChopChop (50 copies) for your practice per quarter for one year. Available in English and Spanish. Get additional copies at a discounted rate of only $50 per box (shipping and handling included). Delivery to U.S. addresses only.




"People have been extremely impressed by how beautiful and readable ChopChop is. The activities and recipes seem interesting. Providers have enjoyed giving these out to families and using as a point for further dietary discussions." -  Children's Hospital Boston

"I have been practicing pediatrics for 17 years, and ChopChop is one of my favorite additions to my practice. Our medical assistant gives a copy to all of my school age check-ups when she is rooming the patient. The patients and parents love it! It has allowed me to initiate conversations about healthy eating, BMI, exercise in such a more positive way. I can actually point out ideas and help the child set goals about dietary changes in a more constructive, practical manner. Thank you ChopChop!" - Pediatrician

"ChopChop... has NO scare tactics about kid's body size. Instead this magazine seems to focus healthy cooking for all kids of all sizes. Kudos to you!!!" -

"What really makes this magazine unique though is how it deals with food. There is no preaching about processed food, problem eating, or special ‘light’ food products... Instead [they] focus on how to have fun cooking and eating as a family." - Pediatrician