What We're Eating

The importance of eating healthy food. By Clare Thompson


What is healthy food? There is no right answer because nutrition is so complicated, and every pro seems to have a con. Some people say that eating raw kale can cause cancer because of the kale's natural protection, but others say that it can prevent it. Some people say that it is really bad to eat red meat because of environmental and health impacts, others say that it is good for your blood because of all the iron. Although it can be confusing, there are some guidelines to help people make good decisions about what they eat.

Here are the guidelines that I try to follow:

10 Rules for Picky-Free Parenting

These are our suggested 10 "rules" of picky-free parenting: 

  1. As parents, we will be good role models. We will only ask the kids to eat foods that we are willing to eat ourselves.

  2. As parents, we will decide what foods are offered, when, and where. As kids, we will decide of the food that is offered, what we will eat and how much.

Freezer Friendly


Providing your children with fruits and vegetables doesn’t always require a trip to the farmers market or even the produce section in the grocery store. You can also consult the freezer!

Eating Healthy On the Go

Between work, school, extra-curricular activities, and the upcoming holidays, eating nutritious meals may be put on the backburner. Instead of grabbing processed, prepackaged foods loaded with unwanted chemicals and calories, plan ahead to ensure you and your family stay healthy while sticking to your to-do list.

Kid-Run Restaurant


Over the years, both my kids—Ben, now 14, and Birdy, 11—have invited us many times to eat at their restaurants. Of course, when they were little, this involved a menu of toy foods from their little wooden kitchen, which could mean the “Special Sandwich” of a whole plastic lobster between two slices of felt bread. Back then, most of the fun for them was in writing down our orders, and also in demanding exorbitant payment—hundreds of dollars of Monopoly money—when the bill came.

Favorite Summer Snacks

The end of the school year can only mean one thing – summer vacation for kids everywhere!  While enjoying endless hours of outdoor activities, kids require the right fuel to keep their bodies going during the hot summer days.  Although everyone loves eating summer treats or drinking ice-cold lemonade, healthy snacks and other foods with higher nutritional values can be equally as satiating and even more fun to prepare!

What We Love: Mangoes

One serving of tropically grown mango (about 1 cup) gives you all of your daily vitamin C, more than a third of your vitamin A, and 12% of your daily fiber! Plus, they contain more than 20 different vitamins and minerals. All that nutrition comes in a pretty amazing package: ripe, juicy mangoes have a lush, velvety texture and a unique flavor that’s like a cross between peach and coconut. Now all you have to do is free them from their natural packaging . . .


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