What We Love: Fully

November 20, 2017

We've been using Fully custom chopping blocks on the adjustable Jarvis frame in the ChopChop Test Kitchen and want to spread the love. Since we have lots of classes with students of different sizes, adjustable chopping blocks have been perfect for us. Kids in ChopChop's cooking workshops learn essential cooking skills in a hands-on, safe and fun environment. Previous classes include Thanksgiving cooking, knife skills, and apple recipes -- none of which we could have done without a great workspace for chopping and prepping food. 

In our ChopChop cooking workshops, we teach skills that require leverage...like cutting food. Having the ability to adjust the height of the cutting board makes it easier to guarantee accessibility and safety. We also use Fully products for our photo shoots. Instead of having to change sets for kid models of different sizes, we can adjust the chopping blocks for each kid. (Can you tell we're huge fans, yet?)

Adjustable @fully_us workstations are perfect for our young chefs! #ChopChop #cookingcamp #kidscook #realfood #livingfully

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We were excited to hear that Fully is announcing a kids collection. The kid-centric desks and chairs let kids fidget and move while they are making art, building legos, doing homework, watching TV or playing video games. Fully supports the growing evidence that kids focus longer, process faster, and learn better when they are given the freedom to move. Keep your eyes peeled for their great products. 

For more information about Fully visit: www.fully.com/kids

For more information about ChopChop's cooking classes and sign up for our next classes visit our Eventbrite page.