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"Kitchen Little" by Mark Bittman

May 07, 2013

When you argue, as I frequently do, that cooking has the potential to help us deal with many of our dietary problems, you often elicit a kind of “I don’t care, I hate cooking” response in addition to the expected “I don’t have time.” And that’s fine; cooking isn’t the only route to eating better, and besides, those who hate cooking, or can’t make the time for it, may be lucky enough to have someone else cook for them. As long as they wash the dishes.


May 03, 2013

By J.M. HIRSCH, Associated Press

No trendy restaurants. No fancy equipment. No hard-to-find hipster ingredients.

The pages of this year's top food publication don't read like your average gourmet glossy. That's because the only trend ChopChop magazine — named publication of the year by the James Beard Foundation on Friday — cares about is how to get America's children eating healthier.

ChopChop Magazine Named Official Media Partner of Partnership for a Healthier America

April 23, 2013

ChopChop Magazine, a nonprofit quarterly food magazine for school-age kids and their families, has been made an official media partner of Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). As media partner, ChopChop will collaborate with PHA in developing and sharing healthy, tasty recipes for kids to prepare with their families.

The Family Dinner

January 29, 2013

"ChopChop Magazine Takes On Childhood Obesity"

Our friends at ChopChop Magazine have been honored by the Columbia Journalism Review. As CJR puts it, “ChopChop is beautiful, engaging, empowers kids to cook and eat healthy foods, offers recipes even adult foodies will love, and aims to help reduce childhood obesity—the coming scourge of the health care system.” 

The New York Times

December 04, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide -December 4, 2012

From Kitchen to Table, Gifts to Tempt

For Young Cooks

Be relentless: it’s the only way to get picky children to learn their way around the kitchen and become the curious omnivores the world needs. So ChopChop, a food magazine for children that arrives quarterly with new recipes, guest chefs and challenges like a Broccoli Makeover, is ideal. It has lively graphics, a bright (but not saccharine) tone and modern, realistic recipes. $14.95 a year, - Julia Moskin

Q&A: ChopChop founder Sally Sampson

September 06, 2011

By Bonnie S. Benwick, Published: September 6, 2011

Sally Sampson has 21 cookbooks to her credit yet still felt she wanted to do something with food “that mattered.” In 2009, with the aim of addressing childhood obesity in America and with input from the medical community, she shopped around an idea for an illustrated pamphlet about cooking that could be distributed at pediatricians’ offices during wellness checkups.