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November 19, 2013

Opal apples to arrive just in time for the holidays

Arriving just in time for the holiday season, Opal and FirstFruits Marketing will leverage the holiday giving spirit with a tagline of "taste the difference, make a difference" and will donate a portion of all Opal apple sales to charity through its Youth Make a Difference Initiative.

Edible Boston

November 18, 2013


By Louisa Kasdon

The Kid’s Guide to Cooking Real Food with Your Family
by Sally Sampson
Simon & Schuster  $19.99

Sally Sampson makes cooking fun to fight childhood obesity

October 18, 2013

ChopChop magazine offers nutritious, easy-to-make recipes that appeal to kids and parents alike.

By Kendra Nordin, Christian Science Monitor

WATERTOWN, MASS. — At a stylish house in Watertown, Mass., with high ceilings and stained-wood floors, children gather in a gleaming white kitchen. Dressed in colorful clothes they are testing spicy foods – and making faces.

ChopChop magazine aims to make healthy eating fun _ and easy _ for families

July 11, 2013

By Michele Kayal, Associated Press

For years, cookbook writer Sally Sampson had wanted to write for children. No one was interested.

But by 2010, the time was right. Alarm over rising rates of childhood obesity was reaching new heights, as was awareness of the importance of cooking and eating real foods, not just for children, but for whole families and communities. Sampson seized the moment, launching ChopChop, a cooking magazine for children.